Welcome to Springwood Baptist Church

Springwood Independent Baptist Church is a local, family orientated, evangelistic church, holding to the fundamentals of the Biblical faith. In a world of uncertainty, where “human knowledge” is put forward as the answer to everything, from sexuality to spirituality, we stand for the timeless, ever-relevant truths of the Living Creator God, revealed in the BIBLE.

Throughout history these eternal truths have liberated, enlightened and answered needy people everywhere. Springwood Baptist Church is a church dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of today’s families, ministering to the children, youth and adults.

If you are seeking answers in the spiritual sphere and/or would like to know more about Christianity  and the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, or if you are  a Christian desiring sound doctrine, sweet fellowship and the teaching of God’s Word to equip you for the work of the ministry, then please feel free to come along. You will be made most welcome.